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Pressure unit conversion between kilopascal and millibar, millibar to kilopascal conversion in batch, kPa mbar conversion chart. ENDMEMO. kPa↔Bar 1 Bar = 100 kPa kPa↔mbar 1 kPa = 10 mbar kPa↔ubar 1 kPa = 10000 ubar kPa↔kgf/m2 1 kPa = 101.971621 kgf/m2. Jun 16, 2013 · kPa, kiloPascal, is a metric unit of pressure. One atmosphere, the atmospheric pressure at sea level, is about 101.325 kPa, so 1656 kPa divided by 101.325 kPa is your answer.

The bar bar is commonly used in the industry. One bar is 100,000 Pa, and for most practical purposes can be approximated to one atmosphere even if. 1 bar = 0.9869 atm. There are 1000 millibar mbar in one bar, a unit common in meteorology and weather applications. 1 millibar = 0.001 bar = 0.750 torr = 100 Pa. Related Mobile Apps from The Engineering ToolBox. Nov 03, 2016 · What are some common mistakes students make when measuring gas pressure?

kilopascal kPa hectopascal hPa pascal Pa Bar and its multiples. bar bar millibar mbar Atmosphere. technical atmosphere at physical atmosphere atm Other pressure units. newton per. The pressure value -10.13 kPa kilopascal in words is "minus ten point one three kPa kilopascal". This is simple to use online converter of weights and measures. Simply select the input unit, enter the value and click "Convert" button. The value will be converted to all other units of the actual measure. 618 Millimeter Mercury 0°C mmHg =. 82.39322 Kilopascal kPa Millimeter Mercury 0°C: Millimeter of mercury is a small pressure unit which represents the pressure pushing down due to gravity of any volume of liquid mercury which is 1mm high. It is widely used, and its value is approximately equal to a pressure of 1 torr.

1 Kilopascal kPa is equal to 0.00986923266 atmospheric pressure atm. To convert kPa to atm, multiply the kPa value by 0.00986923266 or divide by 101.325. 1 Kilopascal = 0.00986923266 Atm. How to convert atm to kilopascal kPa? 1 Atm atmospheric pressure is equal to 101.325 kilopascal kPa. To convert atm to kPa, multiply the atm value by 101.325. Pressure unit conversion between kilopascal and newton/square meter, newton/square meter to kilopascal conversion in batch, kPa N/m2 conversion chart. Nov 01, 2011 · Answers.Best Answer: If a little over 1 bar = 760 mm Hg, then what's 1/2 bar = 0.5 bar? It will have to be a little under 380 mm Hg. For a multiple choice question with choices this far apart, you don't need a calculator to do that one. Unless, that is, you want to check the question-writer.

AP-31A. Type. Negative pressure, Analog, NPN. Rated pressure. 0 to -101.3 kPa. Fluid type. Air or non-corrosive gases. Type of pressure. Gauge pressure, air or non-corrosive gases. Display. 3 1/2-digit, 2-color, 7-segment LED Character height: 11 mm 0.43", Display cycle: 5 times/s. Display resolution. 0.1 kPa 0.001 bar Detectable pressure range-15 to 110 % of F.S. If p kPa = 36 then p psi = 5.2213585663931 psi.

The kilopascal is a unit of pressure. 1 kPa is approximately the pressure exerted by a 10-g mass resting on a 1-cm 2 area. 101.3 kPa = 1 atm. There are 1,000 pascals in 1 kilopascal. The pascal and thus the kilopascal are named for the French polymath Blaise Pascal. The kilopascal is a unit of pressure. 1 kPa is approximately the pressure exerted by a 10-g mass resting on a 1-cm square area. 101.3 kPa = 1 atm. There are 1,000 pascals in 1 kilopascal. There are 1,000 pascals in 1 kilopascal.

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