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Plantae is the plant kingdom which contains all plants on the earth. They are multicellular eukaryotes. Characteristically, they contain a rigid structure that surrounds the cell membrane known as the cell wall. Plants also have a green colored pigment known as chlorophyll that is quite vital for photosynthesis. Kingdom Plantae 1. Kingdom plantae includes eukaryotic organism.2. The organisms are multi cellular except for some lower ones.3. They are generally autotrophic, photosynthetic.4. Presence of cell wall which is made up of cellulose.5. Cell contains chloroplasts, nucleus, mitochondria.

Sep 02, 2016 · What are the Main Characteristics of the Plant Kingdom Kingdom: Plantae of Plant Kingdom Division: Thallophyta Algae The plants in this divisions are commonly called algae. The terms “Algae ” was coined by C. Linnaeus which means ‘sea weeds’. have all characteristics of kingdom plantae except dominant sporophyte, vascular systems, seeds, wood, flowers and fruit. DIVISIONS AND CLASSES 0F KINGDOM PLANTAE 1. What are the distinguishing features of each of the following? i. Green alga. ii. Bryophyte. iii. Pteridophyte. 2. a. Give or state the phylum of a fern. b. State any two observablefeatures to support your conclusion. 3. Outline four characteristics common to all bryophytes. 4. a. State the two.

Jul 20, 2016 · Plantae kingdom 1It includes higher plants that bear flowers and seeds.2They have well differentiated reproductive tissue that make seeds.3They consist of embryo along with stored food which serve for initial growth during germination.4The plant is differentiated into root,stem and leaves. Characteristics of Kingdom Plantae. The majority of plants possess tissues called xylem [1] and phloem. [2] Xylem is a series of dead cells that transport water and mineral ions up. the plant. Phloem. Kingdoms Plantae and Animalia BIOLOGY Notes In all types of bryophytes, the main plant body is gametophyte, larger and more persistent and photosynthetically active which bears the sex organs. In mosses, the gametophytic plant body is a leafy stem called ‘gametophore’ but in liverworts.

Entry Test MCQ:: Kingdom Plantae.All are eukaryotes B. They are multicellular. C. Non-motile organisms D. A. Bryophytes like amphibian ancestors are one of the most primitive organisms in this. Kingdom Plantae A tour through the lovely world of plants. Characteristics: Gymnosperms are vascular, seeded plants, that can be found everywhere. Life Cycle and Development: The gymnosperm life cycle and reproduction cycle start off with a mature sporophyte releasing the ovulate cone and one releasing the pollen cone. Aug 29, 2015 · Inflexible cell wall, vacuoles, chloroplasts. These features are related. The inflexible cell wall allows for water to evaporate out of vacuoles and create low pressure which pulls water from the roots which are necessary for chloroplasts to phot.

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