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Jun 25, 2019 · The Coast Guard generally approves the lowest rate of criminal history waivers and medical waivers in fact, it is the only branch for which a shellfish allergy is a non-waiver-able condition. They invite prior service applicants with some rules and restrictions. Special Pay.Special pay for diving duty is payable to members who qualify and who are issued orders for duty involving diving under the provisions of Coast Guard Diving Policies and Procedures Manual, COMDTINST M3150.1 series. These members are entitled to receive this special pay, provided they maintain their status as qualified divers.

Enlisted Coast Guard Rates.Like the other branches the Coast Guard uses E-1 to E-9 pay grade structures. The rate and grade of an enlisted Coast Guardsman can be identified by rating badge found on the left sleeve of the Coast Guard dress uniforms. The rating badge is a combination of an eagle, rating emblem Job Specialty, and chevrons which show the grade rank. Dec 22, 2009 · Unless you are going into the new ME Maritime Enforcement rating, most Coast Guard personal do not get deployed very often, but yes they do get deployed. The usual deployment is about 4-6 months.The ME rate are the ones most likely to deploy. Next would be your Boatswain Mate and Machinery Tech. Coast Guard Reserve deployments are basically considered extended duty “away from your home base.” Some duty can be aboard Coast Guard cutters lasting three months or longer, but other deployment duty can be as short as a few days or weeks. The United States Coast Guard's ratings are general occupations that consist of specific skills and abilities. Each rating has its own specialty badge, which is typically worn on the left sleeve of their service dress uniform by all enlisted personnel in that particular field. On Operational Dress Uniforms, they wear generic rate designators that exclude the rating symbol. Coast Guard members and their families are entitled to pay, access to the base commissary and exchange, family assistance, health care, a generous leave policy, travel opportunities and if the Coast Guard becomes a career, retirement. Basic Pay Active duty members are paid twice a month. Paydays are the 1st and 15th of each month.

Nov 04, 2017 · When you say deploy I assume you mean o-conus, outside of continental United States. We have Coasties deployed in foreign countries training foreign CG units. These are mostly done by reservists as most active duties are attached to ships or bases. Feb 04, 2009 · Does anyone know what the death rate is for the USCG? My boyfriend is joining and I'm so nervous. He said noone dies in the coast guard, and I really hope he's right. Anyone know anything? please and thanks. Coast Guard.While the Coast Guard operates under the Department of Homeland Security during peacetime, during times of war, it can be transferred to the Department of the Navy, as it did in WWI and WWII. The Coast Guard is comprised of approximately 40,000 active duty personnel supported by an additional 7,000 reservists.

ordinary rate About Us The Sri Lankan Coast Guard, officially the Department of Coast Guard, is a Sri Lankan non-ministerial government department tasked with Coast guard duties within the territorial waters of Sri Lanka.

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