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The Different types of Chinese Company Chops and How to.

Oct 23, 2018 · The company chop is the most important seal to any company in China. The company seal is issued by Chinese authorities and therefore the information is also registered at these authorities. Purpose: this seal can handle internal and external affairs and in these instances the company chop represents a company's official decision comparatively to a signature in the West. A "Chop" is necessary for approving decisions relating to the operations and management of a company in China and legally authorising documentation. A Company may hold a wide range of chops in China, each being used for different purposes and applying to different documentation. Company Chops in China. 1. Name of each chops and brief introduction. By regulations, only when a company has been legally set up and obtained the business license can this company applies to make chops. Chops should be made by a qualified “Chops-making company”. Dec 09, 2016 · A company seal, or chop, is integral to the administration of a company and the key to legally authorize documentation in China. An electronic chop– the digital version of its physical counterpart– can be used for online transactions. However, electronic chops are susceptible to misuse, which can have severe financial and legal implications.

Sep 15, 2014 · Most Chinese companies keep their company chop with their legal representative or another high-ranking company representative. An agreement signed by the legal representative and affixed with the company chop is a belt-and-suspenders approach. It is also what we advise. Company chops in Hong Kong.A company chop is the stamp of a company usually rubber and is something which is unique to Hong Kong and a select few other jurisdictions. The term “chop” actually originates from colonial Indian English and the use of a company chop remains a necessity for conducting business in China. Part II.Due to the variations in practice from district to district regarding company chops, it is usually going to be a waste of effort to do anything more. However, insisting that that any legal document be chopped is still required in China, so the basic best practice described above. Sep 14, 2006 · I'm in China, working with other asian countries, people always refer to "company chop" but none of them are native english speakers either. A Hong Kong ethnically chinese export manager sending a fax to a Taiwan or mainland China chinese manager will likely send the fax in english simply because it is business correspondance. Company Chop According to s. 93 1b of the Companies Ordinance Cap. 32, each company must maintain a Common Seal as its corporate seal, on which, it must engraved legible characters of its company.

Create your own Chinese Seal with our Seal Designer. Design your own Chinese Seal using our Seal Designer. You can personalize any of the seal stones that we offer. Here are the 4 simple steps to make your own Chinese Seal: Step 1. Choose your own Seal Stone to Customize. On this step you can browse though the wide variety of Seal Stones that. Jan 30, 2018 ·The chop represents the company in dealings with third parties; where one might usually find a signature of a legal representative of the company, in China you. AE Stamp is Singapore Custom & Personalized Rubber Stamp Maker. We are also pioneer in pre-inked stamp & pre-inked gel stamp. Buy Rubber Stamp & Company Chop online now! Mar 31, 2016 · In Mainland China, the courts are much more concerned about formality than intent, so the company chops get registered with the government, and whoever physically possesses the chop controls the company since they can sign legal documents on behalf of the company. Feb 25, 2015 · China Contract Signing Formalities.Obtain a copy of the Chinese company’s business license. This will provide the Chinese company’s registered address and the name of its legal representative. Obtain the business card of the person who will be signing on behalf of the Chinese company and have that person give you a specimen of their company’s chop.

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