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The BEST TIP For Painting Around A Toilet! Designer Trapped.

Dip the cloth lightly in the paint and have a swipe. When you paint behind the toilet with a paint swipe, don’t try to put it on as heavy as you would with a brush: put on several light coats of paint, letting each dry well. Stick the paint swipe in a plastic bag to keep it wet while you wait. Jul 19, 2014 · best tip for painting around a toilet! As much as I love the color, I didn't want it all over our toilet, which leads me to the BEST TIP ever to for painting around a toilet! I saw this years ago, but I can't remember where I saw it and I don't know where the idea originated. While it’s easy to throw a drop cloth over the toilet bowl when painting a bathroom, covering the toilet tank poses more of a problem. Wrapping the tank with adhesive backed food wrap, such as Glad Press’n Seal, is a great way to protect the tank when painting. Once the paint has dried, simply. Jun 10, 2006 · Just take the top off the toilet and paint as far behind it as you can using whatever methods that work for you. such as a clean rag with paint and.

Use a swiffer pad with duct tape on each end for a handle, then dip it in paint and swipe it behind the toilet with the bag on the toilet. Worked great, we had about 1/4 inch clearance. We needed to paint behind it because the previous owner didn’t paint that section and the wall got water in. Mar 15, 2009 · To do it the best, and the right way, remove the toilet tank. To do it the fastest, cover the toilet with a garbage bag and paint away with a small roller as other people have suggested. I have tried both and I can safely say that no guest has ever commented on the paint job behind the toilet for either. Jun 10, 2006 · In the middle put a small amount of paint. Put the carpet, aginst the wall with the paint against the wall, and push it behind the toilet and pull up/down. Slow but it really works.

Removing wallpaper from behind a toilet tank is a challenge for many do-it-yourselfers, who try to squeeze their hands back there to scrape, pull or scrub away the paper and glue. But there's a much easier way: Simply remove the tank. If you've never taken apart a toilet, that may sound intimidating, but anyone can do it. Jun 05, 2019 · Take out the toilet if you can't fit a roller or paint tool behind it. If there’s a little space between the toilet and the wall, you can simply purchase a thin sponge stick that’s specially designed to paint and clean behind a toilet. Find one online or at a home improvement store. Tiling - is it advisable to have it behind toilet and vanity - posted in Home, Garden & Renovating: We're currently getting a quote on renovating our bathroom. On one side of the room is the. Jun 13, 2018 · Call a plumber, pay $300 to remove the toilet, then paint behind the darn thing and hope you like the color, paint, then call the plumber back to pay another pretty penny to re-install the toilet. Let’s just hope this isn’t your only bathroom because you could be toilet-less for quite a few days! Eeks! OPTION 2: UNFINISHED BUSINESS. Apr 09, 2019 · If you are painting your bathroom, you probably need to paint behind your toilet tank. Unfortunately, the toilet is probably far enough away from the wall that you'll see the wall behind it, so you don’t want to leave it unpainted, but the darn tank is also too close to the wall to get a paint roller in behind it.

how do you paint behind a toilet? Yahoo Answers.

When painting behind your toilet, taking of the tank makes the task easier. which is usually located behind your toilet bowl. If you cannot find a shutoff valve, turn the water off at your.

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