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Bruxism or clenching teeth may occur during the day time while you are at work or may appear at night while sleeping also referred to as sleep bruxism. If this condition is mild and does not interfere with daily life activities, then no treatment is generally required. What Is Teeth Clenching. Teeth clenching is when a person is grinding their teeth. It is also known as sleep bruxism. The exact cause of teeth clenching is not known but many dentists deduce that it can because of stress, anxiety, smoking, or caffeine use. Clues That You Are Clenching Teeth At Night. Mar 18, 2019 · There are two types of clenching: day clenching and night time clenching. Most people do teeth grinding at night and during sleep. Teeth and jaw clenching while awake is usually caused by the bite alignment being off left to right. Or in-other-words, when the jaw hinges closed properly teeth hit on one side of the mouth before the other. Different methods may be taken to curb teeth grinding including a dental approach. A dental approach involves wearing either a mouth night guard for clenching or a mandibular advancement device. Although a mouthguard does not cure teeth grinding, it keeps your teeth separated to avoid damage to the teeth.

Jul 30, 2016 · Bruxism in Children. Bruxism in children is often seen when their permanent teeth start erupting and the habit usually stops after the adult teeth are fully formed. Treatment. Some of the symptoms of bruxism, such as facial pain, dull headache, earache, will often disappear when you stop grinding your teeth. Jul 18, 2016 · Severe bruxism can cause damage to the teeth, which can be very costly to fix. Because of this, dental professionals recommend the use of mouth guards and splints to avoid the damage that comes with teeth grinding. Lifestyle and home remedies that help you stop teeth grinding. Reduce stress. High levels of stress can have a significant adverse effect on the sleep and may trigger episodes of sleep bruxism. Listening to music, taking a warm bath or trying some relaxation exercises can help you relax and may reduce the risk of teeth grinding during your sleep. If you feel that you're not coping too well with your teeth grinding problem, go to a doctor! But if you visit a dentist on a regular basis, they'll notice changes in your teeth and will likely advise taking measures. Most likely, a dentist will recommend getting a mouth guard to wear at night to prevent teeth from grinding and causing damage.

How to Stop Clenching Teeth to Protect Your Smile.Your dentist may make models of your teeth to study, or send you for a consultation with an orthodontist. As a last resort, they may suggest major dental work to even out the stresses on your bite. This may include crowns in the back, and/or caps porcelain crowns or veneers. Train yourself not to clench or grind your teeth. If you notice that you clench or grind during the day, position the tip of your tongue between your teeth. This practice trains your jaw muscles to relax. Relax your jaw muscles at night by holding a warm washcloth against your cheek in front of your earlobe. The best way to protect your teeth and prevent tooth wear and fracture is to wear an occlusal appliance. These appliances have different names, including occlusal splints, occlusal bite guards, night guards, bite plates and bruxism appliances. These are custom made, specially fitted plastic mouth pieces that fit over your top or bottom teeth.

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