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Dec 13, 2017 · Several things can cause tooth sensitivity after a filling. Pulpitis. Before filling a cavity, your dentist removes the decayed part of your tooth with a drill that releases heat. Jan 24, 2019 · Short-term tooth sensitivity after a filling usually occurs because the filling procedure has aggravated or caused inflammation in the nerve inside the tooth. Usually, the tooth's outer layers —. If the cavity extended near-to or below the gums, removing all of the decay and then polishing the filling material can cause temporary irritation to the gums.This should subside within a few days after the filling appointment. Sometimes teeth stay sensitive after getting a new filling. This happen often after treating teeth with deep cavities. A previously infected tooth pulp many not recover with treatment. Another common reason is a high bite on the new filling. Consult with your dentist about the sensitivity. Good luck. Improper shaping/ smoothing of dental fillings; After filling a tooth, the dental filling needs to be properly shaped and smoothed. If the filling is too large or has sharp edges that weren’t smoothed down, it can lead to irritation and pain in the areas adjacent to the tooth that was filled. This can include adjacent teeth, or gums, especially the area where the crown of the tooth meets the gums.

A third possible cause of pain is from a nerve in the tooth that’s inflamed or dying, and “may be more prominent after a filling has been placed.” A fourth cause is “when decay is removed from a tooth, the nerve is partially exposed,” says Dr. Tanenbaum. Jul 26, 2017 · A high bite can lead to increased tooth sensitivity after filling a cavity whenever the patient bites down. Fortunately, this problem is very easy to remedy. If you’ve had a cavity filled and find that your bite is too high, your dentist will be able to drill away any high spots in the filling and have you back to normal in one quick visit. Another common reason for tooth or extreme sensitivity after placement of white fillings is an acute inflammation inside the tooth. This inflammation arises due to the nerve inside the tooth becoming inflamed in response to dental work. This inflammation is. Sep 03, 2008 · Before the filling, I was not having any pain but my gums were swollen and tender when poked. Now I've had the filling and my tooth is sensitive. It doesn't ache all the time but drinking makes it hurt as well as chewing gum. Mothering Forums > Health > Women's Health > Dental > Swollen gums after a filling.

It could be something minor like a space between the tooth that was filled and the adjacent tooth, allowing food to get stuck between the teeth and irritating your gums. If this is the case, the filling can be modified and the gums will heal. However, it may be a gum or tooth infection that needs to be treated immediately. Sometimes such a response of the body to intervention and stress is the norm, but if you experience some symptoms, swollen cheek after filling or extraction means the onset of inflammation. This article describes the possible causes of swelling, degrees of danger, as well as methods of treatment at home.

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