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Lifespan: 50 years. Behavior / temperament: The Lilac-crowned Amazon has a good reputation as a teachable, calm bird, as long as you get a bird from a legal source that has not been abused. It isn't always as good of a talker as some of the other species like the Yellow-crowned Amazon, but it isn't as temperamental or difficult to manage either. Size: The Lilac-Crowned Amazon is about 13 inches from beak to tail. Lifespan: Average about 60 years with proper care. Dietary Needs: high quality pelleted diet,. Lilac-Crowned Amazon. The lilac-crowned Amazon is one of the smaller Amazon species and tends to have a smaller voice compared to the larger, more boisterous yellow-crowned and double yellow-headed Amazons. Lilac crowns can be loyal companions and, like most Amazons. Criteria: A2cd3cd4cd Click here for more information about the Red List categories and criteria Justification of Red List category This species is listed to Endangered because it is suspected to be declining very rapidly based on recorded range contractions, and owing to. Like most amazons, the primary color of the Lilac Crown is green. Greenish yellow feathers can be seen on the front of his crown, abdomen, ear coverlets, chest, and cheeks. His lores, forehead, and the front of his crown are a reddish brown or maroon color, while pale.

Life with any Amazon parrot can be fun, but challenging since they are just that Amazons. They are a bird that is very intelligent, yet a bird that can be a snuggler or one that is completely independent. I do not have a Lilac crown but I do have a Red Lored and he is a very sweet bird. Lilac crowned Amazon, Finsch's amazon, Amazona finschi - their breeding feeding housing. The Green-cheeked Amazon Amazona viridigenalis is a very attractive parrot originating primarily from Northeast Mexico. Overall it is a darker green Amazon, though a paler green underneath, and has iridescent light green cheeks circled in lilac.

Discover How Long White-fronted amazon Lives. ANIMAL LIFE EXPECTANCY live longer live better. Animal Life Expectancy. LIFE SPAN: 25 years. Common Name: White-fronted amazon. Scientific Name: Amazona albifrons. MORE IN AMAZON CATEGORY. Lilac-crowned amazo. Orange-winged amazo. Red-browed amazon. Red-lored amazon. Southern Festive Am. The white-fronted Amazon is the smallest Amazon species 10 inches long; the Mealy Amazon is one of the largest Amazon parrot species 16 inches long. Diet & Nutrition: Parrot Food Amazon parrots have a well-earned reputation as being the “life of the party.”. Average Lifespan of Lilac-Crowned Amazon Parrot A lilac-crowned Amazon parrot can routinely live 60 years in captivity. Temperament of Lilac-Crowned Amazon Parrot. The lilacine amazon is a small parrot, approximately 34 cm long when mature, with primarily green plumage. Like the red-lored amazon, it has red lores and yellow cheeks; its distinguishing features include a fully black beak, and lilac-tipped feathers on its crown. Amazon Parrots.The age at which an amazon sexually matures varies with species but is from 4 to 6 years old. They will choose tree hollows, cliff cavities and other hollows for their nest. Clutch size will vary with species but average is 2-4 eggs. Eggs are incubated varies from species but ranges from 24 days to.

Apr 14, 2010 · Amazon parrot talking like no other parrot. - Duration: 9:36. Lilian & Panchito DYH & Blue Frnt Amazon Recommended for you.

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