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This Website attempts to make my collected experiences and the most recent information from the literature available to all who care about veterinary Medicine. It will be very useful for all veterinarians, biologists, raptor breeders or falconers, public officials, government veterinarians or customs officials. An important disease of cattle and buffalo caused by protozoa. Transmitted mechanically by biting flies. Cattle and buffalo also are reservoir hosts to horses and camels. Blood from infected animal, occasionally meat and milk are the sources of infection. There is severe loss of productivity due to anaemia. Following the bite of the infected fly both male and female can transmit infection, the parasite multiplies in the lymph and the blood of the person bitten, causing unspecific symptoms and signs such as headaches, fever, weakness, pain in the joints, lymphadenopathy, and stiffness.

Comparative study of clinical signs, haematology and prevalence of trypanosomiasis in Holstein Friesian and White Fulani Zebu cattle exposed to natural infection in a rain forest zone of Nigeria.Infection was light in the Friesian calves and the Zebus with infection rates of 2 6.9% and 3 15% respectively. The parasite replicates in camels, horses, donkeys, dogs, cattle, water buffaloes and even elephants. Equines and dogs are very susceptible and usually die after an acute course of the disease. Dogs may also become infected by eating meat from a trypanosome-infected carcass 23. Cattle, sheep, goats and antelopes often carry the. The signs of disease appear 11-21 days after an infective bite as a relapsing fever, with temperature peaks. These peaks are associated with an increase in the numbers of trypanosomes in the circulating blood, followed by the destruction of large numbers of the parasites and a return to a normal temperature.

The clinical signs of African trypanosomiasis in dogs include persistent fever, lethargy, anorexia, weight loss, pallor, mucopurulent oculonasal discharge, lymphadenopathy, hepatosplenomegaly, variable peripheral edema, abdominal distention due to ascites, petechial hemorrhages, signs of pancarditis, and ocular signs such as unilateral or bilateral uveitis, corneal edema, and/or keratitis which can mimic.
Animal Trypanosomiasis, also called Nagana, is a livestock disease caused by the bite of a tsetse fly. The disease, which is caused by blood parasites, can render livestock sick and unproductive and, can also lead to death. Livestock can also be a reservoir of the. Bovine Babesiosis BB is a tick-borne disease of cattle. The principal strains are babesia bovis and babesia bigemina, with Rhipicephalus ticks being the major vector. Babesia divergens is also found, with the major vector being Ixodes ricinus. BB is found in areas where its arthropod vector is. Signs of Sick Cattle.The eye may appear cloudy when the cow opens it, and they may have a running, weeping discharge from one or both eyes. They may also seek shade under a tree and remain away from bright sunlight. Eye discharge may be a sign of an injury to. The aim of this study was to assess the epidemiological situation of bovine trypanosomiasis caused by Trypanosoma vivax in a dairy cattle herd from Igarapé, Minas Gerais state, Brazil.

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