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In contrast, in patient with a non-length-dependent small-fiber neuropathy, there is the opposing pattern with virtual absence of unmyelinated nerves in the proximal thigh Fig. 2C, but with normal intra-epidermal nerve-fiber density in the distal leg Fig. 2D. Introduction: Non-length-dependent small-fiber sensory neuropathy NLD-SFSN is not as well characterized as length-dependent small-fiber sensory neuropathy LDSFSN. Methods: Sixty-three patients with NLD-SFSN were compared with 175 patients with LD-SFSN for their demographics and disease associations. Abstract.In a series of 224 consecutive neuropathy patients, we evaluated 44 patients with SFN diagnosed in the presence of both symptoms and signs. Eleven were classified as non-length dependent SFN. Disease associations were Sjögren's syndrome two patients, impaired glucose tolerance, rheumatoid arthritis, hepatitis C virus, Crohn's disease. Small Fiber Neuropathy Most commonly distal, “length-dependent ” and symmetrical May be asymmetrical or non length-dependent Normal deep tendon reflexes Normal proprioception Normal vibratory sensation Normal nerve conduction studies/ EMG. Small fiber neuropathy SFN, is a common 1 distinct axonal neuropathy that predominantly affects thinly myelinated and unmyelinated fibers and presents with a combination of neuropathic pain, hypoesthesia to pain and temperature sensation, and autonomic dysfunction. 2 It can be a predominant or heralding feature of a generalized process that involves large and small fibers, 3,4 or it can be a distinct disorder.

The typical clinical presentation of small fibre neuropathy is that of a symmetrical, length-dependent polyneuropathy associated with sensory or autonomic symptoms. More rarely, the clinical presentation is characterised by non-length-dependent, focal, or multifocal symptoms. Question: Hi - I wrote earlier that I have had a confirmed case of non-length dependent idiopathic small fiber neuropathy that started in March of this year and has been ongoing without any remission of. Non-length dependent small fibre neuropathy/ganglionopathy.Length-dependent nerve fiber loss is generally assumed to be the effect of a dying-back neuropathy due to axonal damage, whereas non-length-dependent loss is supposed to be caused by loss of sensory neurons in the dorsal root ganglia e.g. in ganglionitis [ 18 ].

Non-length dependent small fiber neuropathy. Hello. My name is Daniel, I am 22 years old. On the beginning of this february I suffered a quite strong and painful knee injury Patella subluxation on my left knee with some cartilage damage. After that the pain was strong for a full month, I. When I was first diagnosed with non-length-dependent small fiber neuropathy NLD-SFN I was obsessed with finding out as much as I could about the disease as the cause was labeled as “idiopathic” after many rounds of tests but that’s another story for a different day. Some patients have a widespread, non-length dependent, or "patchy", presentation which is sporadic and can affect many nerves. Patients with Fabry disease have isolated small fiber engagement, and can have a more widespread small fiber disruption. Causes. Mutations in the SCN9A or SCN10A gene can cause small fiber neuropathy.

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