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Kilogram dictionary definition kilogram defined.

kilogram definition: The definition of a kilogram is a unit of measure in the Systeme International d'Unites that is equal to 1000 grams which is approximately 2.2 pounds. noun Having 2.2 pounds of gold is an example of a kilogram of gold. kilogram definition: 1. a unit of mass equal to 1,000 grams 2. a unit of measurement of weight equal to 1000 grams or. Learn more. Kilogram, basic unit of mass in the metric system. A kilogram is very nearly equal it was originally intended to be exactly equal to the mass of 1,000 cubic cm of water. It was once defined in terms of a platinum-iridium cylinder, but in 2018 the CGPM agreed to define it in terms of Planck’s constant.

Illustrated definition of Kilogram: A Metric measure of mass which we feel as weight. The abbreviation is kg. 1 kg 1000 grams. Nov 16, 2018 · Currently, the kilogram has a very simple definition: It’s the mass of a hunk of platinum-iridium alloy that’s been housed at the International Bureau of Weights and Measures in Sèvres. Nov 16, 2018 · So, in principle, scientists can define a kilogram, or any other weight, in terms of the amount of electricity needed to counteract the weight gravitational force acting on a mass. 1 kg = 1000 grams. 1 gram = 0.001 kg <><><> It refers to the ratio of two things by weight. If you were looking at how much sugar is in your cereal, and the label said "2 grams per kilogram", that.

The definition of a kilogram hinges on the weight of a metal cylinder in a French vault, but plans are underway to redefine the kilogram in mathematical terms instead. May 19, 2019 · A kilogram is defined by a kilogram. No, literally. It's a kilogram weight called the International Prototype of the Kilogram IPK, made in 1889 from 90 percent platinum and 10 percent iridium, and kept in a special vault in the BIPM headquarters. In fact, the kilogram is the only base unit in the SI still defined by a physical object. The correct spelling is kilogram. kilo is often used as an abbreviation of that. Kilo is actually the metric prefix meaning 1000, so a kilogram is equal to 1000 grams. Kilogram-meter definition is - the meter-kilogram-second gravitational unit of work and energy equal to the work done by a kilogram force acting through a distance of one meter in the direction of the force: about 7.235 foot-pounds. Definition of KiloGram in thedictionary. Meaning of KiloGram. What does KiloGram mean? Information and translations of KiloGram in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

What Is The Meaning Of Kilogram

Definition: A kilogram symbol: kg is the base unit of mass in the International System of Units SI. It is currently defined based on the fixed numerical value of the Planck constant, h, which is equal to 6.62607015 × 10 -34 in the units of J·s, or kg·m 2 ·s -1. Kilogram definition: A kilogram is a metric unit of weight. One kilogram is a thousand grams, or a thousandth. Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

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